A House In Central Maine. Photo Copyright (c) Samuel Rouse. A Farm In Central Maine. Photo Copyright (c) Samuel Rouse.

Live & Work

Visitors often comment that Piscataquis County reminds them of a Norman Rockwell painting. We are fortunate to enjoy a thriving small town heritage that many people assume vanished decades ago.

Ours is a region where wondering eyes can still look to the heavens and see the stars; where after a dayís work itís time to grab a fishing pole and head off to a favorite trout pond. The pace of life is a little slower here, the communities a little smaller, the neighborhoods more closely knit. It allows more time to enjoy the outdoor recreation, local fairs and festivals, and cultural offerings away from the rush of everyday life elsewhere in the world.

Piscataquis County also offers employment opportunities from a diverse number of large businesses including American Pride, PQ Controls, Lumbra Hardwoods, Pleasant River Lumber, Numberall Stamp & Tool Company, Hibbard Nursing Home & Main Street West, Mayo Regional Hospital, the Charlotte White Center, JSI Store Fixtures, Hardwood Products Company, Interface Fabric Group, Creative Apparel and more. For more on employment within the region you can visit the Piscataquis County Economic Development Council website at www.pcedc.org.


Two Proud Graduates

Schools in Piscataquis County are the heart of the community. The buildings are used day and night -- for classes, performances and meetings -- and the doors are open for a lifetime of learning opportunities.

For information regarding local schools offering K-12 education, visit our town information page. There are also a number adult education, distance learning and high-education options available in the region, including:

  • UMO / UMA Continuing and Distance Education ( Link )
  • Eastern Maine Community College ( Link )
  • Penquis Higher Education Center ( Link )

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Economic Development

A New Home Under Construction

The Piscataquis County Economic Development Council (PCEDC) is a local organization dedicated to promoting economic development in Piscataquis County. The PCEDC's primary focus is on attracting businesses to the County and retaining local businesses and assisting in their growth and developing and promoting the County's unique culture and heritage. The PCEDC also works to develop and grow tourism in the County and remote development of the County's communities.

You can learn more about the PCEDC by visiting their website.

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