2013 Business of the Year

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 On October 19th, Denise Buzzelli,, ED of the Chamber, presented Will, Melissa, Emily, Abby Wedge & all associates the 2013 Business of the Year Award.  Many gathered to celebrate this moment. Spencer's Bakery and Café provided delicious homemade donut holes, hot coffee, and a friendly server.
Will’s received over 95% of the nominations turned in for this year’s award. “The response was wonderful,” says Denise Buzzelli, “ with each nomination form that came through my hands was another comment/compliment  from a member of the community about something Will or his staff had done; even other business owners voted for Will’s rather than their own businesses.”
The store speaks for itself. It is well maintained, great pricing, and wonderful service. If they don’t have something you need, they’ll get it for you. But is the presence the store has OUTSIDE its walls that encouraged the nominations.
“The fundraisers Will has participated in or supported are too many to mention, really anytime the community has a need or an event he’s there.. faithfully”, said one community member.
 “Will’s Shop N Save clearly defines what ‘community’ means”, said another.
 A gentleman in attendance at the Awards presentation said: “Will Wedge has given his time & resources to this community more in the past two years than some who have been here for generations.”
His greatest contributions, however, have gone to the Living Word Food Cupboard, to whom Will’s donates over $20,000 per year in food items. In fact, even while the Award was being presented, Will picked up a pre-packaged box of food and asked those present to consider purchasing one for $10 to help a hungry family. He is continually thinking of the community, and truly cares about the people in it.
After receiving the Award, Will spoke and addressed his associates. He truly appreciates how they have taken ownership of their responsibilities in the store. He fully trusts them, and considers the establishment to be in such capable hands, it gives him the liberty to go out into the community as often as he does, or take time for his own family, because he knows everything is being taken care of. He recognized his associates by name and thanked them for what they do, for which departments they take care of; he understands how fortunate he is to have such an amazing group of people working with him, impacting the community.
Congratulations to the entire Will’s Shop N Save Family… we are proud to have you as a member of the Piscataquis Chamber of Commerce!