Maine Alternative Solutions 2015 Business of the YEAR!

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The Piscataquis Chamber is pleased to announce that Ron and Amy Desmarais of Maine Alternative Solutions is the 2015 Business of the Year. For those who know Ron, the choice is obvious and well-deserved. “He is a low-key, humble guy. He has 14 irons in the fire at the same time, he never stops, always looking for ways to make Milo better”, says police chief and interim Town Manager Damien Pickel. Ron is constantly striving to advance business and bring new innovation to Milo. He himself owns several businesses in this growing town, while building homes and apartments in an effort to provide affordable housing for Milo residents. He has helped to expand several Milo businesses by building additions and making improvements, donating his time and labor costs, and often materials. He has brought alternative heat and power sources to Milo, first through heat pumps, and now, in his newest endeavor, Ron is bringing solar power to Milo.

“Much of what Ron does stays under the radar, he’s not one for accolades. The annual meeting will provide a perfect platform to bring to light to everything Ron has contributed to Milo over the past several years”, said Denise Buzzelli, Chamber director, “it’s about time someone brags on him a little, because he will never do it for himself.”

Though Ron has accomplished more for this town than one press release can cover, two of his most “visible” projects are the Three Rivers Kiwanis building and the new Harrigan Learning Center with Solar. The impact Ron Desmarias has had on Milo is best explained  by one Milo resident: “If you drive through Milo, you cannot look in too many directions without finding something Ron has contributed to, improved upon, or created. He is an amazing asset to this town – a town that many others have given up on, but he sees us for where we are going, and what we will be”.