Ex. Director Visit: Eastern Gazette

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I had the priviledge of meeting with Bob on Oct. 28th of 2013. The Eastern Gazette is celebrating their 160th year this year! The 17,500 circulation Gazette is the only locally owned Community Newspaper delivered by U.S. Mail each week to every address in 21 towns comprising all of Piscataquis County, western Penobscot County and portions of Somerset County. The Eastern Gazette is designed to promote the interests of businesses and organizations serving the needs of more than 35,000 residents who receive the paper in this part of Maine. Bob really has a heart for this county and the businesses in it. He has great insight and had some good advice for me, considering I was so new at the position when we met. I truly appreciated his time and the wonderful lunch we shared with Michelle, his general manager, at the "All Aboard Restaraunt" in Dexter.. where I had some REALLY delicious clam chowder! Advertising through the Gazette makes it possible for the paper to continue serving our communities free of charge, so give them a call or email to ads@easterngazette.com and place an ad! Thank you Bob!

Sponsor Information: This article was sponsored by: Piscataquis Chamber of Commerce

Contact Information: For more information contact: Bob Shank 1-800-287-2295 www.easterngazette.com