Jemma Gascoine Pottery

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How do you spell talent? J-E-M-M-A- G-A-S-C-O-I-N-E..

Had a wonderful visit with Jemma at her studio in Blanchard Maine, another Piscataquis find..... wow is all I can say. Jemma visualizes, creates and completes her works of art out of her studio and often collaborates with local artist for the paint design of her pieces. She is a wonderful supporter of the talent in our area. In fact, as I walked through her studio to learn more about her work, she would stop to show me paintings or creations from other artists in the area, such as Bruce Towl of Dover, Alan Bray of Sangerville, Michael Kagan of Sebec, Lisa Laser of Dover, and Milt Christanson of Wellington. She was very proud of her husband’s work as well, Todd Watts, who happens to be a world-renowned artist and photographer. What a couple! To view complete album from my visit, visit our facebook page here:  

To purchase pieces or to sign up for a workshop, contact Jemma at or 207-997-3699.

Contact Information: For more information contact: Jemma Gascoine 207-997-3699