Foxcroft Agway

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 Met with Pam Pultz, Owner, on Oct 24th.. and took a walk through the store with her. In all seriousness... I was amazed at what was in this place! Anything you need for your gardens, your pets, your yards, CRAFTERS..... you Must Must Must check out the "Crafting Outpost"... This room is amazing.. classes are held here and whatever you need for knitting/sewing/crocheting is here. Agway carries "Darn Good Yarn", another Chamber business's products. We talked a lot about keeping business local. We came to the conclusion that part of the reason people leave Piscataquis County to shop is because they really don't know what is offered here. I never knew what a variety of needs could be met within the walls of this store. And if there is something you need that you don't see... just ask. The prices are LOW ... give them a chance.. do some comparison shopping. Another awesome find in Piscataquis County. I am only sorry I have not been here sooner! Thank you Pam, for your time and for the great heart you have to see this community prosper.

Members..visit Agway.. tell them the Chamber sent you!
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Contact Information: For more information contact: Pam Pultz 207-564-2730