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What is Worksite Wellness?

Worksite wellness refers to a systematic and integrated health promotion approach to increase employee health. It is a process that promotes increased health awareness, education, assessment of risks, promotion of voluntary behavior and lifestyle changes in an effort to achieve better health and reduce the associated health risks. It includes a comprehensive wellness-oriented work environment that is endorsed by the organization and its management.

Goals may include improvement of employee health, modification of consumer health behaviors, enhancement of personal well-being and productivity, prevention of illness and injury, and containment of health care costs.

The most effective program is comprehensive. It aims to involve all employees, deals with all major health risks, offers options, and targets the employees, their spouses and families, and the worksite environment. Planning, implementation, and evaluation are major components of the worksite wellness efforts. Worksite wellness integrates all dimensions of wellness including physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological, and social. The primary goal of worksite wellness is to create a culture that values and meets both individual and organizational needs for health improvement and overall well-being.


What You Do Matters ( Website Link )

What You Do Matters is your door to simple, easy-to-understand health and wellness information in Eastern Maine Communities. We’re here to help you:

  • Manage your chronic condition
  • Find tips for eating well and staying active
  • Locate health related events in your community
  • Get support
  • Connect to tools and resources for healthy living

You can learn more by viewing our newsletter.

Healthy Maine Partnership Good Works! ( Website Link )

The purpose of the Good Work! Resource Kit is to provide tools for Maine employers to improve employee health. The kit contains information on the following topics:

  • The link between healthy work environments and the bottom line
  • Key elements of successful worksite wellness programs
  • Successful strategies used by Maine employers
  • Creating a smoke-free workplace
  • Resources to support worksite wellness initiatives

Many employers across Maine have already used the principles and strategies presented in the Good Work! Resource Kit to create work environments that support healthy lifestyles.

The Wellness Councils of American (WELCOA) ( Website Link )

Worksite Health Promotion is good business!

As North America's premier resource for worksite wellness, the Wellness Councils of America is dedicated to helping organizations of all kinds build and sustain results-oriented wellness programs. Many resources are free, greater access to resources with paid membership.

Seven Benchmarks of Success

At WELCOA, we believe that seven basic steps drive the entire process of building a 'Well Workplace.' Indeed, these seven steps are inherent in initiatives that consistently produce results.

  1. Capturing on Senior Level Support
  2. Creating Cohesive Wellness Teams
  3. Collecting Data to Drive Health Efforts
  4. Crafting an Operating Plan
  5. Choosing appropriate interventions
  6. Creating a supportive environment
  7. Consistently evaluating outcomes

Wellness Council of Maine ( Website Link )

The Bangor Region Wellness Council (BRWC) has achieved another milestone! The Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA) has recognized the local group’s ongoing success and has expanded their service area to include the state of Maine. This site provides a great resource to see what local Maine companies are doing around worksite wellness.

Workwise - Mayo Regional Hospital ( Website Link )

Whether you employ two people or 200 people, Mayo Regional Hospital's occupational health program, WorkWISE, has been created to fill your needs.

Our experienced team of occupational health providers can help you protect employee health. And when injuries do occur, we're right there for you with treatment services and case management.

Our program goals are to...

  • Be a knowledgeable resource for employers in regard to workplace health;
  • Provide the services employers need to meet their requirements in the work-place;
  • Maintain the vital communication link between employer, employee and health care provider;
  • Provide treatment for injured employees to get them back to work safely and quickly; and
  • Provide a professional, friendly, courteous environment for employee care and treatment.

WorkWise offers a wide range of services to meet your business needs.

Piscataquis Public Health Council ( Website Link )

The Piscataquis Public Health Council, a coalition of community organizations, schools, and individuals that strives to develop an environment that supports a healthy life through education, prevention, advocacy, and services.

  • No business or organization is too small for worksite wellness activities.
  • Programs can be implemented with minimal or no cost.

If you are interested in developing a worksite wellness program at your organization we can work with you to help get you started.

Other Useful Resources

  • Safety Works! Maine Department of Labor ( Website Link )
  • Safety and Health Council of Northern New England ( Website Link )