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What is Our Purpose?

To Promote:

The PCCC serves as the primary ‘destination-marketing’ organization for business and tourism in Southern Piscataquis County through multiple media outlets and events, and provides exclusive advertising opportunities to members, increasing exposure to visitors, residents, and other businesses.

To Protect:

The PCCC is committed to being the “voice of business”, seeking to influence legislation and regulation by local, state and federal governments in a proactive manner, supporting legislation that benefits businesses and the communities in which they reside and, when necessary, opposing legislation that does not.

To Provide Support:

The Piscataquis Chamber of Commerce is proud to provide support to the business and residential communities in the following ways:

  1. By providing networking opportunities for business owners for the purpose of cultivating relationships with other business owners and community members.
  2. By providing advocacy for reputable businesses and fostering ethical business practices in Piscataquis County.
  3. By providing educational opportunities to students through mentoring and sponsorship in an effort to groom and equip our next generation of business and community leaders through the Jr. Chamber initiative.
  4. By providing leadership for the advancement of economic vitality and quality of life for all communities within the borders of Piscataquis County.
  5. By providing opportunities for collaboration between the businesses and residents to enhance the beauty and hospitality of our communities in an effort to increase tourism to our area.
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